Guest Blog Post Contest #1: Who noticed?

Huge thanks to Ryan Spencer for his guest post on the RSR last night. If you haven’t read it, it’s just underneath this one, and it’s well worth your time. Anyways, Ryan’s post was the first guest post in the history of SpreeGoogs, and it titillated me a little bit to have some ideas that aren’t necessarily mine on this blog.

Here’s the point: starting now and continuing indefinitely, I’m going to hold some contests on SpreeGoogs and the winners of those contests will get the option of guest posting something that they want to see on SpreeGoogs (surprisingly already read by about 100 people a day) or just giving me something they want to see written. I’ll reserve the right to edit posts for grammar, but not content, in a submitted guest post, and if there’s just an idea you want me to cover or a site I could write about and link to, I’ll do that too. The moral of the story is that the winners of these contests get to pick what content appears on my blog for a post. if I can figure out a way to feature those posts on one of the sidebar menus, I’ll do that too.

So what is the first contest? Good question. When I wrote my first post ever (later became my about page), I didn’t really know what direction I was going to take with this blog. Now I do a little more definitively, but I haven’t been able change that page because I was waiting for someone to see something special about it and point it out in the comments section without me asking for it. But the truth is that there is something worth noting in that about me page, and I hope you guys can find it. The challenge for my first guest blog post contest is to find that something special in my about page  and to leave a comment on it correctly identifying what it is. You have to leave your name on it too, winning anonymously isn’t winning at all.

Is that vague? Maybe. But seriously, take a look and see what’s hidden in there.
**Hint: It’s not just one word or phrase.

This will only be fun if you play along, so do it.

And keep looking for my Important Observations about the basketball games tonight, because they’ll be there.