2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament: Important Observations 21-22

Welcome back to SpreeGoogs for the second day of important observations from the NCAA Tournament, hopefully today’s games will be as good as yesterday’s. I know the observations will be equally important.

21. Texas 85, Oakland 81 That Tristan Thompson-Hakeem Olajuwon comparison from the NBA JAM: TE Equivalents power rankings wasn’t as far off as I originally thought.
Maybe the important note for this game is that Oakland is a lot better than they get credit for and that a good matchup could have meant a little bit of a run for that team. But what I like to do is reference earlier material of my own, so I’ll point out that Tristan Thompson had 17 points, 10 rebounds and 7 blocks in this game. What’s maybe more impressive is that he played 38 minutes, more than any other Longhorn. A big who can move like that and put up number like that and stay on the floor for that many minutes is an extremely rare player. It seems like every year there is at least one player who steps up in the tournament and turns himself into a guaranteed top ten NBA draft pick, and Thompson looks like he’s taken a big step down that path.

22. Michigan 75, Tennessee 45 The NCAA should mandate that every team have at least one player with a hi-top fade haircut.

Who cares that Tennessee lost by 30? Scotty Hopson is throwing a house party tonight.

Did anyone watch this game and see Scotty Hopson’s hair? It was the star of the show for Tennessee, a team that turned in an extremely forgettable second-half performance. For a while, I used to watch Brandon Jennings and think that more guys should grow out that hi-top fade. But in a game like this one, which was not actually a game, sometimes all a team can do for the fan is provide a watchable haircut. This was truly an ugly game, especially for an 8-9 game, which historically is usually an enticing matchup. No thanks to Bruce Pearl and the rest of the Volunteers for this game, but heaps of gratitude on Scotty Hopson for giving us that one exciting glimmer of fashion.