2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament: Important Observations 11-12

Halfway through today’s games. Am I the only person who is genuinely surprised every year at how close the games are? What a first 8 games today. Let’s all buckle up and strap in for the remaining 8 with the Maccullocth and 12th Important Observations.

11. Richmond 69, Vanderbilt 66 The Ryan Spencer Rule claims another victim.
This isn’t a joke. With a minute left, Vandy was down two and shooting 2 free throws. Made 1, Richmond makes a ridiculous shot on the next possession and Vandy turns it over before they even get a tying shot off. After that, both teams missed some free throws and all sort of RSR karma compounded and offset itself, culminating in no real points on following possessions. If I were a betting man (and I am), I’d take the RSR to the bank at a sportsbook somewhere.

11(a). Richmond 69, Vanderbilt 66 Even if everyone picks the same upset, it’s still an upset.
I know an awful lot of people who picked Richmond. A bunch. (I picked them to go to the second round and now that Morehead State is waiting, it’s looking a little more likely.) But the point is that even if everyone picks the same upset, you should still celebrate the pick like you’re the only one. It’s no Morehead State, but give yourself a pat on the back for going with the Spiders today because you deserve it

12. San Diego State 68, Northern Colorado 50—Even a bad 2-seed is still a 2-seed.
When I fill out my brackets, I base the upsets more off who which higher-ranked teams will fall than which lower-seeded teams I think have the potential to reel off a few wins. SDSE this season was one of those universally-accepted overseeded teams  that everyone was looking to predict the demise of so they could wear around the “I called it” face for a while. But come on, Northern Colorado? Even a gross overrating doesn’t make SDSU prime for a loss at the hands of Northern Colorado. We’ll learn this same lesson in the Florida game soon, because Florida has no business being a 2-seed. Or a 3-seed. But starting next round, those two will give us some greta games against worse teams.

Get ready for the four-network televising approach to take full effect tonight.

In other news, it looks like the Ryan Spencer of the Ryan Spencer Rule is going to enlighten us all with a guest post some time soon, so sharpen your pencils and get those notebooks ready, because he’s about to drop the knowledge.