Saved by the Bell Lessons That Are Still Relevant- NFL Lockout

For the most part, this blog is just a marriage of two of my favorite things: sports and the ‘90s. One of my favorite things about the ‘90s was a little show called Saved by the Bell. We laughed, we loved, but most of all, we learned. Every 30-minute episode featured an enduring lesson about the proper way to live, and for most of us, those lessons stuck. Apparently, for some people, who may be making news, those lessons weren’t taken as seriously.

In recognition of that, I’d like to introduce a segment that will be recurring on this blog on a regular basis: Saved by the Bell Lessons That Are Still Relevant. The concept is simple- I’ll guide us on a brief guide of a recap of a classic SBTB episode, followed by an explanation of the lesson we learned. Then, that lesson will be overlaid onto a current news topic, basically as a way of proving that SBTB should be considered a moral standard for everyone.

Roger Goodell and the NFL should learn from the mistakes that Zack and Slater made when it comes to strikes.

Let’s get right into it the topic at hand: the NFL lockout. In case you haven’t been following the story or don’t know what a lockout is, the NFL players and owners can’t come to an agreement on how to split up the money that the league makes, so there’s pretty much what equates to a strike and the whole season is put in jeopardy. If they don’t play games, neither party makes any money, the fans don’t get to watch the games, and in general everyone involved with everything football loses except the lawyers representing the two sides.

Now let’s talk about a SBTB episode called “The Teachers’ Strike.” In this episode, Zack and Slater meddle in the bargaining between the teachers’ union and Mr. Belding, resulting in a teacher’s strike that cancels class for a day, and the guys get to go skiing. Unfortunately, the strike would also cancel the Academic bowl, which Screech, Jessie and Lisa have been anticipating. The guys manage to scam the teacher’s union into striking, but have to do a load of unscamming to get the strike called off for the greater good of their friends. Screech gets sick and has to be replaced by Zack, so an extra load of additional scamming is needed to end up with the Academic Bowl victory, the lesson is twofold: 1) Strikes aren’t good for anyone (Even though the skiing trip went off, Screech still fell out of a window and got sick) and 2) Sometimes you have to sacrifice your personal good for the greater good of others.

Now, there are several Lockout related issues that I won’t touch. I’m not going to call the players or owners greedy or say something like “How can they want more money?” or “Don’t they make enough?” because I have no idea what it’s like to manage that much money or play sports for a living. What I will say is this: Didn’t you learn the two-fold lesson from “The Teachers’ Strike”? No one is winning here, everyone is getting mad and it’s kind of everyone’s fault. Can’t we all just recognize that the strike is the worst possible outcome and sacrifice a little bit of your personal gain so that the Academic Bowl can go on?

But seriously, post your thoughts on the NFL lockout below, because there’s a lot to talk about. The longer the lockout continues, the longer we all lose. Even worse, a longer lockout could even bring up a blog post based on the Keanu Reeves thriller “The Replacements,” and no one wants that.